Yuul B. Alwright

Yuul B. Alwright is a TTRPG character played by Ninomae Ina’nis in Mythbreakers. While running an errand for Dr. Oopsie, she was attacked and heavily injured by a otherworldly being, and now employs her driving skills and knowledge of science to deal with supernatural matters.


Ina streamed her drawing of Yuul’s design then shared it on Twitter the day before her tutorial session.

Yuul has golden eyes with eyebags and silver hair with one highlights. At times she wears a sleeping mask with the design of closed eyes on her head.

She has two outfits: lab and casual. Her lab outfit consists of a tan ribbed sweater covered with a lab coat and lab goggles. Her casual outfit consists of a white shirt with the text “let me sleep”, a gray jacket with yellow highlights and many pockets, a thin black shoulder bag, and a utility belt. Both outfits have black pants and shoes.


Habitually getting little sleep, Yuul is perpetually tired. As a bookish type, she dislikes social outings but cares enough about her friends that she will attend parties with them and fetch water when they get drunk. When it comes to doing jobs for Dr. Oopsie, Yuul is reluctant, yet prepared to do unconscionable things such as running people over with vehicles.


Yuul can craft and change a variety of things. Using her scientific knowledge, she can combine chemicals to put people to sleep and modify a taser to become lethal. Yuul can also perform simple first aid. In addition, she is an automotive genius and can perform intense maneuvers with vehicles.


Yuul came to Justa University to study biochemistry. It was her final year for her master’s degree, and as part of her program she was required to help the head of biology, Ayle S. Stawnishu (or Dr. Oopsie, as she’s known by the student body), with gathering materials, acting as her teaching assistant, and running other errands. Surprisingly for Yuul, her proximity to Dr. Oopsie has made her a target of jealousy among the professor’s admirers who don’t realize that Dr. Oopsie was becoming increasingly unhinged and obsessive as of late, as evidenced by her newest project: human regeneration.

One early morning, her roommate Nita Friend woke up an exhausted Yuul. Together they went to class where Dr. Oopsie explained that the students would be doing an experiment later that week to create a living, breathing piece of organic material, immediately raising doubts from Yuul. In the middle of the lab, Nita convinced her to hang out together in the evening. Yuul was dismayed to learn that what she actually accepted was an invite to join a party at the frat house for Sigma Sigma Beta Beta Alpha Sigma Alpha, much to Nita’s and her classmate Justin Time’s joy.

After class, Dr. Oopsie called Yuul over to the back room and told her about the recent cases of missing children and how they reappeared with their anatomy replaced with sticks and leaves. She then asked her to go to the edge of the forest at 2 AM and drive a truck to transport to her lab special cargo containing sticks and leaves to help make a breakthrough in her research. Although suspicious about needing to do the task late at night, Yuul eventually agreed in exchange for the weekend off.

Some time later, after getting ready for the party Nita and Yuul walked to the frat house. The sheer number of people there made Yuul anxious, so she ducked into the bathroom. From the tiny window she was able to observe some of the partygoers: Justin, who brought the beers; Chad, the big man on campus with shades and sideburns; and a few sorority girls who seemed strangely disinterested.

Yuul rejoined the party and was immediately awakened by the new sights and sensations around her, the oddest of which was Justin heading to the basement carrying a box full of odd items like candles and robes. When Nita saw her again, she grabbed Chad and pointed at her, causing her avoid his gaze by ducking behind a counter. After she failed to avoid a nearby freshman vomiting on her shoes, Yuul was approached by Chad who had some frat boys clean up while handing her a can of beer. When he noticed her willingness to drink and play beer pong, Chad declared her to be cool to everyone at the party. Yuul then excused herself and went to the bathroom to take a short breather and clean her shoes. But when she tried to sneak out the front door afterward, she ran into Chad again who let her go outside. Sitting down in the fresh air, Yuul heard a strange noise and saw Justin in the basement setting up candles and folding chairs and putting on robes.

Shortly afterward, Nita joined her and drunkenly asked Yuul if she thought she had a chance to date Chad. She also talked about how something weird was going on with the Delta Sorority showing up but not wanting to be at the party and them staring weirdly at Yuul, leading her to believe that there was something going on between the sorority and the frat. Yuul said she would get Nita some water, and went back into the house.

Inside the kitchen, she found her classmate Ima who was part of the sorority and a fan of Dr. Oopsie. She asked Yuul why she was here, thinking she was not the type to attend parties. When Yuul declined her invitation to join the sorority, she threatened to hit her with a bottle. Yuul kicked the cans on the floor, catching Chad’s attention and bringing him into the kitchen. Then Chad invited Yuul to join the frat, but she declined him as well. Chad and Ima shared a tense moment before he escorted Yuul outside. While noticing Nita not around, they talked about the weird events happening in school and in the town. Chad said Yuul was knowledgable and wanted her help him. She asked if Chad was hiding something, and he replied that he would explain everything if he followed her into the basement.

The two walked down into the basement and saw robed figures sitting in folding chairs drinking beers. Chad asked a confused Yuul to stay before putting on a robe and beginning the meeting. Justin, Greg, and surprisingly Nita as the newest member of the Brotherhood revealed that they vowed to destroy supernatural beings in the name of partying. Chad explained that Dr. Oopsie was up to something suspicious and possibly supernatural and wanted Yuul’s help because she was the closest to the professor. He gave her his phone number and asked her to call if she had any leads.

Noticing that it was 1:30 AM, Yuul left for the forest and found the truck with a lock on the door. After checking her surroundings, she drove to school and parked close to the lab. Since the whole school was nearly pitch black, she took a tiny pocket flashlight from the truck and tried to enter the lab only to find the door locked. Yuul went to the only room with the lights on and called out to the janitor who was locking up, asking for his help. However, he refused to let her in and suggested that she call the professor. Yuul called to let her know she was here with the janitor, but Dr. Oopsie warned her not let anyone know she was here and to get rid of him before hanging up. Yuul told the janitor that she was asked to wait for the professor, and the janitor walked away. Then she went to the truck and combined her beer with medicine she kept to make a concoction to make people fall asleep. But when she saw the janitor far away, she changed her mind and ran him over to knock him out instead.

Due to the impact of the truck, the chain and lock at the back broke. Yuul looked inside to find not only sticks and leaves, but also clothing. Then a swirling darkness surrounded the van, following her and taking the shape of a large silhouette with a hook for a hand. She panicked and tried to run, but tripped. The figure attacked her and left her gravely injured before being distracted by gunshots coming from the school. Yuul tried to crawl to the van to perform first aid, but passed out.

She woke up inside the van to find the janitor trying to heal her. He told her that his name is Vic, and she noticed the big bruise on his face, his sharp teeth, and messy pink blonde hair. During their conversation they heard heavy footsteps, prompting Yuul to step on the gas to shake off the shadows trying to enter the car. After a bout of frenzied driving, she managed to park in a dark alleyway and shake off her pursuer. Noting that the hospital was far away, Vic offered to bring her to a place that was closer. Getting a pizza on the way, they made their way to a bar.

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